Text Inmate inmate phone service

Friends and family on the outside can now send and receive text messages to/from ANY (not just the person that signs up) U.S.A. based cell phone to an inmate without needing Corrlinks or an app installed. Unlimited monthly messages with our service for just $25.00 per month (Note: inmates must still pay the BOP to use Corrlinks on the inside).

Our service provides a dedicated U.S.A. based phone number, assigned exclusively to your loved one on the inside, that you can send text messages to and we convert them into Corrlinks messages for your loved one.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, debit cards, and even Pre-Paid credit cards (that support AVS).

We do NOT support international phone numbers.

New Phone Book Feature
Now included at no additional cost for all accounts is a phone book feature.
Your loved one can add entries and send messages by name instead of phone number.
This is an optional feature, messages will still work by phone number if your loved one does not want to use the phone book.

Discount inmate phone service

How it works

The system allows inmates to send and receive messages in their Corrlinks account from ANY (not just the person that signs up) U.S.A. cell phone.
Each inmate will get their own dedicated SMS phone number for their friends and family to send and receive messages to/from.

From the inside:

The inmate will get instructions on how to write messages. They will then send a Corrlinks message to one of our accounts with ANY (not just the person that signs up) U.S.A. based cell phone number in the subject. The system will convert that message into a text and send it to the phone number.
When the inmate gets a message from ANY (not just the person that signs up) U.S.A. cell phone in their Corrlinks account they can send a message back just by hitting reply.

From the outside:

Just write a text message to the inmate's dedicated SMS phone number like you would any other phone number and we will convert your message into a Corrlinks message and send it to the inmate.
If the inmate writes you, all you have to do to answer is reply to their text!

Now an inmate can text with ANY (not just the person that signs up) U.S.A. based cell phone. All for $25 a month for UNLIMITED MESSAGES!

We do NOT support international phone numbers.


Dwight an inmate in the federal BOP:
To my friends at the TextInmate.com team,

I am writing you this quick note to say thanks for a great service. I have been doing time for over 17 years and for the most part until your service came along my communication with my family consisted of a phone call to my mom on average about once a week. I was able to make sure everyone was in good health and I was also able to ease any doubt my family may have had about my well-being. But, there was no sense of being involved in the everyday aspects of life with my family that I have now thanks to your texting service. When Corrlinks came along my mom did not have a computer so email was out of the question. My mom has a cell phone and texts every day. When I found out about your texting service I knew it would definitely open the door to more and better communication with my family. I am now in daily contact with my family and really feel like I am a part of their lives again.

Thank you!!!
Silva an inmate in the federal BOP:
i had so many text service in the past but this one is the best one i had so far your responce time on your text are real good and my family like it .. also i will be giving your info out to the guys out here in allenwood .p.a so expect the request ok .. thank you guys ..
Walter an inmate in the federal BOP:
Hello, I have had your text service from the onset. In fact, I was one of the very first inmates that signed up for your service when you first started offering it. I am getting ready to cancel my account with you. However, I would like you to know that I have been extremely impressed with your service. There is a lot of services out there that provide services to inmates and yours is by far the best that I have came across in all of the years (2005) that I have been incarcerated.

So thank you very much for the service that you render to inmates and I truly appreciate you afforded me the opportunity to use your service over the years. Furthermore, my family extends their appreciate as well.

The reason I am cancelling my service is because I am released. My current release date is October 31, 2016, therefore, my family will cancel my service sometime prior to that date.

Q & A

Unlimited monthly messages for just $25.00 per month. However the inmate still has to pay the BOP to use Corrlinks on the inside.
Unlimited monthly messages for just $25.00 per month.
This is not normal text messaging, this service converts text messages to Corrlinks e-mails (the BOP inmate e-mail system).
We process all messages within 5 min, but Corrlinks scans every message for security and inappropriate content which delays all messages for between 20 min and 4 hours normally.
This Corrlinks scanning process can take even longer during high traffic times like holidays and weekends.
Yes. We are not part of the BOP and the inmate has to pay the BOP to use Corrlinks. The $25 fee pays for our service only, not the BOP fees.
No. Corrlinks only allows plain text in messages. Messages with attachments (like pictures, movies or music), or group messages will not be delivered to your loved one.
To cancel: Login and select the "Account" drop down from the top navigation, then select "Cancel Account" and follow the on-screen instructions.

Have a question that is not listed? Send us a help request.

Get help

Customer service is ONLY open Mon-Fri

By Phone: 855-420-0880

By E-mail: support@textinmate.com

Customer service is very important to us. For customers calling in, we are on Pacific time, if you get our voice mail please leave a message. In most cases we return calls in less than 4 hours and do our best to call everyone back within 24 hours.